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  • Learn to Publish Sponsored Link: For you who work with the internet, whether selling products and services in your virtual store, or even working as an influencer on your social networks, we have a great opportunity.

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    About the blogs of the PortalParalelo Network

    The PortalParalelo Network brings together 8 blogs in different niches and languages that attract thousands of visitors every day. Know a little more about them:

    The websites and These are independent blogs with tips on well-being, entertainment, events, jobs, competitions, courses and other varied subjects.

    The Blog is focused on subjects related to the most diverse religions, beliefs and myths from all over the world.

    The Blog publishes phrases of humor, thoughts and messages for you to question, think about, read and share.

    The blog Is focused on finance, digital banks, insurance, credit cards, digital currencies, investments and other matters related to money.

    The Blog gives tips on Tourism, travel itineraries, best national destinations, cruises and packages. In addition to reviews / evaluations of bars, restaurants, beaches and places throughout Brazil and the world.

    Blog is where articles about GAMES from the portal are published. They are online and offline games of the most diverse styles such as GTA online and RP (Role-Play), Games for weak PC, Dubbed Games, Subtitled, as well as tips and tricks for lives on Trovo, Twitch, Nimo TV, Youtube and much more. more…

    The Blog publishes the best recipes, tips and culinary tricks from world cuisine and also gives valuable tips on fashion, Home and Garden.

    By publishing your sponsored links on the PortalParalelo Network, you can create the best contextual ads for your business that will naturally be inserted in the content of blogs relevant to your brand.

    All this brings you direct visitors who are interested in your products and services.

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    General Data from Google Analytics Portal10Paralelo.Com

    In addition, as you can choose one of our different domains, your product or service can be promoted on blogs and/or articles in the same or similar niches as yours, increasing your brand recognition on the Internet.

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    Targeted visitors from relevant blogs and articles are more likely to buy from your store, hire your services, and follow your social media.

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    Advertise your site by Publishing Sponsored Link Backlink
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