Bard vs Chat GPT: My first tests

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  • That the GPT chat is making a large part of technology lovers very curious about its capacity, we cannot deny that. Another very interesting thing is that the giant Google also has its chat with Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Bard and many people like me were anxiously waiting for the release of its use here in Brazil.

    So, as soon as Bard was released for use around here, I ran to test it and see what it was capable of, even though I know it is in the testing phase.

    So during my interactions with him, I had the bright idea (as if no one had thought of this before) to do a basic comparison between the two (Chat GPT and Bard), to see how they would behave with a very simple math question.

    It is important to note that the version of the GPT chat used for the test was the Free GPT Chat and not the Paid one.

    The question was the same for both, without changing any commas or punctuation, I just copied and pasted the following sentence into both chats:

    If yesterday I had 25 reais and today I have 31.22 reais, what percentage was my profit?

    The GPT Chat response was:

    Bard vs Chat GPT: My first tests

    To calculate the profit percentage, we can use the following formula:

    Profit Percentage = ((Final Value – Initial Value) / Initial Value) * 100

    In your case, the initial value is 25 reais and the final value is 31.22 reais. Let’s apply these values to the formula:

    Profit Percentage = ((31.22 – 25) / 25) * 100

    Profit Percentage = (6.22 / 25) * 100

    Profit Percentage = 0.2488 * 100

    Profit Percentage ≈ 24.88%

    Therefore, your profit was approximately 24.88%. I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, just say so.

    Bard’s response was:

    Bard vs Chat GPT: My first tests

    His profit was 24%.

    To calculate the profit as a percentage, you must divide the profit by the initial amount and multiply by 100. In your case, the profit was 31.22 – 25 = 6.22 reais. Dividing 6.22 by 25 and multiplying by 100, you get 0.2488, which is approximately 24%.

    So you made a profit of 24% on your initial value.

    My assessment of the 2 answers:

    I found the GPT chat more explanatory, as if it wanted to teach me how to do the calculation step by step, without rushing and very didactic.

    Bard, on the other hand, tried to summarize the maximum and already gave the result in the first line. The problem is that with this he ended up making a small error in the calculation stating that Dividing 6.22 by 25 and multiplying by 100, you get 0.2488, which is approximately 24%. and actually Dividing 6.22 by 25 and multiplying by 100, you get 24, NOT 0.24.

    I know that both chats are in the testing phase and still have a lot to evolve, but I was a little disappointed with Bard, because in the case of the Google Giant I expected a little more even in this initial version.

    And you? Have you made any kind of comparison between GPT Chat and Bard from Google? What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments form below.


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