Plants Speak. Did You Know?

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  • Although it is common for humans to think that the world of plants is silent, recent research has revealed that plants emit sounds when subjected to environmental stressors, such as water deprivation or predation.

    Studies conducted by scientists at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel have shown that these living organisms are capable of producing audible sounds, and that these sound emissions can provide information about the environmental conditions to which the plants are subjected.

    Plant Sounds

    The experiments involved the use of tomatoes, tobacco, and corn plants, in which sensors were inserted into the stem to record the sounds produced by the plants. The results showed that the sounds emitted by the plants resemble pops or popcorn bursts, and that the frequency of these sounds varies according to the intensity of the environmental stress to which the plant is subjected.

    For example, when a tomato stem is cut, the plant emits a characteristic sound, indicating that it is suffering physical damage. Similarly, when a plant does not receive enough water or is attacked by predators, it can emit audible sounds, alerting other plants in the area to react to the impending danger.

    These findings suggest that the world of plants may be much more dynamic and interactive than previously thought. In addition, the ability of plants to emit sounds can have important implications for organic farming and plant ecology, allowing scientists to detect environmental problems and adapt their agricultural practices to maximize plant health and production.


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