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  • This post is to show my indignation with the so-called “Facebook Community Standards”. I had already noticed that this social network that people talk about so much, lately has curtailed the right to express their opinion on various subjects, no matter how insignificant they may be.

    And I fully agree in having a policy to avoid abuse, misinformation, slander, defamation, bullying and etc…

    But this time, it looks like they’re going too far.

    I say this because I received a warning that I would be punished for violating these Policies simply for mentioning the Ministry of Tourism’s page in a post in which a foreigner was explaining how difficult it is for him to return to Brazil, because of a fine he received for passing a little of his stay in our country.

    The post itself was from Youtuber Tim Explains where he told his followers the reasons that were delaying his return to Brazil.

    So far so good, because if there is a deadline and it is not met, the foreigner who spends more time than allowed should suffer some kind of punishment. But in the same video, “Tim” also informs that the bureaucracy and the exorbitant fine end up disinteresting tourists to visit our country and harm our tourism.

    So, I thought that someone at the Ministry of Tourism could see the video and give some kind of clarification about Tim’s questions and maybe even some solution if this problem really exists.

    So I made the following comment in the video: Hello Ministry of Tourism. Yes, that’s all. It was just to bookmark the page so someone could see the video.

    To my surprise, some time later I received a notice from Facebook that I had violated the Community Standards on Spam.

    See the image (print) of the notices below:

    Facebook Community Standards Violation Notice Error

    But what is spam?

    Spam is an acronym for the English phrase “Sending and Posting Advertisement in Mass”, translated into Portuguese as “Sending and Posting Advertisements in Mass”.

    What’s up? Where does my comment fit into this definition of SPAM?

    The worst thing is that when talking to acquaintances and other people who use the social network, I found that this is very common, and they simply block you, delete your comments and posts giving ridiculous and meaningless justifications.

    Watch Tim Explains video below:

    Have you ever been there? Leave your opinion on the matter in the comment form below.


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